Our Mission

We are a community of hope focused on developing fully devoted followers of Christ. We are passionate about helping people enjoy great relationships with both God and people!

Our Vision

Hope for you, hope for your family, hope for our community, and hope for our world through Jesus Christ!

Our Values

JESUS CHRIST: We are Christ-centered in all that we do.

THE BIBLE: We are a Bible based church. We believe the Bible is God's authoritative and infallible message to us. It is the basis for all of our beliefs, practices, and decisions

THE HOLY SPIRIT: We welcome the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit.

YOU: We value YOU and your story! We desire to see you bring your story into God's story so that you live a great story for the rest of your life! 

GOSPEL: Our desire is to fulfill the Great Commission. WE believe that receiving the gift of salvation is the biggest and best decision any person can make. 

DISCIPLESHIP: We want to make healthy disciples who make disciples.

MISSIONS: We are passionate about local, national, and international Missions.

TRANSFORMATION & HEALING: We believe in the transforming and healing power of God. 

RELATIONSHIPS: We exist to help people enjoy healthy, thriving relationships with others. We aim to build robust marriages and families. 

MENTORING: We find it thrilling to develop leaders and champions for Christ.

WORSHIP: We are constantly creating fresh worship environments for people to experience and enjoy the presence of God. Our worship is focused on Christ and the Gospel.

PRAYER: WE see ourselves as a House of Prayer.

BEING THE CHURCH: We are thankful to be a multicultural and multigenerational church! 

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