I'm In: spiritual gifts assessment

In this important series you’ll discover your spiritual gifts, your serving style and your ministry passions. You’ll be made aware of serving opportunities in our church and you’ll be given opportunities to volunteer and make a difference in other people’s lives for the glory of God! If you have never taken a spiritual gifts assessment, we have a few options for you below!  

network spiritual gift assessment


Click on the Link above to download and print off the assessment! This is the specific test that Pastor Hal mentioned in his sermon on 1/12.

online option

Click Here for an online spiritual gifts test

What's your style?

Do you prefer working on a 'behind the scenes' task or do you prefer working directly with people? 

Would you consider your work style structured or unstructured? (Organized or organized chaos?)

                         what's your passion?

Which ministry do you feel the most passionate about? As Pastor Hal puts it, "What is leaping, kicking, and snorting inside of you?" When you serve in an area that you are passionate about, your gifts and style come to life in even greater ways! 

Here are a handful of different ministries where you could serve! 

Nursery (Infants & Toddlers - Sunday Mornings & Wednesday Nights)

Kids (Pre K - 5th Grade -. Sunday Mornings & Wednesday Nights)

Youth (Jr High on Sunday Mornings & 6-12th Grade on Sunday Nights)

Worship Team

Tech Team (Sunday Mornings & Wednesday Nights)

Hospitality Team

Women’s Ministry


We ask that you would prayerfully consider where God wants you to serve and bring your Spiritual Gifts and Serving Style with you to service on Sunday January 19th & 26th!