2020 Spring 'virtual' small groups

See the list below for more details of our Virtual Small Groups.  If you're interested in joining one or more, simply click here to contact us at smallgroupshope@gmail.com.  Leave us your name, best contact information, and what group(s) you're interested in, and we'll reply promptly. We'll put you in touch with the leader of the small group(s) you want to join! **If your group leader's email is listed, you may contact them directly. 

Virtual small groups of hope church

Letters to the Church – Pastor Hannah Stanford, Mondays at 7pm (Zoom), starting June 22nd


You’ve Heard it Said – Marc Sugudom (YouVersion Plan) 


Shelter in Place, Better Together: Seeking God with Others & Praying God’s Truth Over My Fears (consecutive YouVersion Plans) Jeanette Rodriguez  rodriguez.jeanette45@gmail.com *women’s group


Loving Your Community ­Jordan & Ben Arias (YouVersion Plan) jordan.arias88@gmail.com


Kingdom Man, Men’s Study – Brad Rodemoyer, Tuesdays at 7pm (Zoom).  bradrody6187@gmail.com


Ephesians: Your Identity in Christ (Women’s Group) – Jen Molodecki (Zoom), Thursday evenings starting June 18th


Soul Force: Book Study – Pastor Karina Kornbaum, Tuesdays at 7pm (Zoom) starting June 16th



Hope Kids Weekly Zoom Call – Pastor Annika Garcia (Wednesday Evenings)


Psalm 91: Restoring our View of God & Daring to Hope (consecutive YouVersion plans) – Pastor Dawn Kooistra, starting Sunday June 14thdawnkooistra@sbcglobal.net


Conquering Fear & Anxiety & Dinner With Jesus (consecutive YouVersion plans) –

Steve Cuchra, starting June 16th   

Men's YouVersion Study: UncomMen - Pastor Josh Kloes

Hope Midway/Iglesia Hope Youth Zoom Meeting - Marc Sugudom

YouVersion study & weekly Zoom call - Pastor JJ, Saturdays 10am.

contact us at smallgroupshope@gmail.com to tell us what group(s) you're interested in and we'll get you in touch with your leader.  Check back here to see an updated list of groups as they become available. 

small groups at hope church

Growing together and getting connected through small groups is a major part of our church's DNA.  Our Small Groups ministry offers a wide variety of groups catering to all ages and walks of life.  These groups meet in 4-8 week sessions that occur three times per year; 

  • Winter session generally runs from late January/early February until just before Easter.
  • Spring session runs for about 4-6 weeks after Easter and before summer break.
  • Fall session runs from about September till mid November.

TO REGISTER FOR A SMALL GROUP - click here to contact us at smallgroupshope@gmail.com,  and just tell us which small group you're interested in - we'll reply promptly and put you in contact with the small group leader!